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Relationship-Focused Approach

Our Investigation has shown us that the well being of the people we support is directly linked to the quality of the relationship that they have with staff and the people closest to them.

Families have told us that they feel a sense of security and relief when they have dedicated staff members to trust and rely on, and staff shared with us that developing relationships with residents and families is the primary reason they do this work.

One of the most important ways of supporting the development of these relationships is our internationally recognised dedicated staff assignment. This involves all staff committing to work regular shifts with exactly the same small group of residents every time they come to work- so you will always know who will be supporting you or your loved one.

This relationship to develop between residents, staff and families.

Central to our relationship focused approach is this philosophical shift from treating old age as a sickness to celebrating longevity by nurturing the mind, body, spirit and continued growth of those entrusted with us.

Our approach has been praised and celebrated by leading aged care experts as being at the forefront of elder care globally. It has been published and filmed, and we are regularly invited to talk about it at national and international conferences.

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Shared Experiences

For relationships to flourish in our communities: residents, clients, families, staff and volunteers need to feel supported to pursue personally meaningful goals and life experiences.

To ensure that each community member is presented with such opportunities it is vital that they experience a sense of security, continuity, belonging, purpose, fulfilment and significance (the Senses-framework, adapted from Nolan et al., 2006).

Six Senses


To have opportunities to engage in purposeful activity and to have personal goals to aim for.


Help you gain clarity of thought and clarify your goals


To achieve meaningful goals and to feel satisfies with one’s effort.


To feel safe and receive or deliver competent and intuitive care.


Recognition of one’s life story, using the past to make sense of the present, and to help them plan the future; working within a consistent team using and agreed philosophy of care.


To feel that you and what you do matters, and that you are valued as a person of worth.

Clients, families, staff and volunteers shared detail what they require in order to experience these six important senses.

A full version of these senses with the expectation of each person can be found on our website or by asking the manager at your residence.